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Reading Strategy


  1. Think about the title, the illustrations, and what you have read so far.
  2. Tell what you think will happen next or what you will learn.
  3. Think about what you already know about the subject.
  4. Try to figure out things the author does not say directly.

Tomas and the Library Lady


Every summer, Tomás and his family went to Iowa. His parents worked on a farm there during the summer. They worked in Texas during the rest of the year.

Papá Grande, Tomás’s grandfather, told many stories to Tomás. Tomás loved the stories. Papá Grande told Tomás that he was old enough to go to the library himself. At the library, Tomás could find many new stories.

Tomás was nervous when he first got to the library. The Library Lady made him feel better. She gave Tomás a glass of water. She helped Tomás find books that he would like.

Tomás spent the whole day at the library. His imagination took him away to many fantastic places. The Library Lady helped Tomás check out some books, so he could take them home. At night, Tomás read the books to his family.

All summer long, he went to the library. Sometimes he read to the Library Lady, and sometimes he read to himself. He taught the Library Lady some words in Spanish. At the end of the summer, it was time to say adios, or good-bye, to the kind Library Lady.


Genre: Realistic Fiction
  • Characters do things that real people and animals might do.
  • Places in the story are real or seem real.
  • The story tells about things that could really happen.
Think About the Selection Questions
  1. How do you think Tomás feels when he first sees the library? Give examples from the story to support your opinion.
  2. Before Tomás meets the library lady, his grandfather is the family storyteller. Why does this change after Tomás starts visiting the library?
  3. How would you describe the library lady? What kind if person is she?
  4. What do you think Tomás enjoys most about reading books? Tell about your favorite book and what you enjoy most about it.
  5. Tomás and the library lady become friends. What do you think they learn from each other?
  6. Tomás Rivera grew up to be a successful educator and writer. Why do you think the author of this book chose to write about this time in Tomás Rivera's life?



Comprehension Skill(s)

Sequence of Events

Sequencing Games


Proper Nouns

Noun Dunk Game