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The Stranger


It was late summer. Farmer Bailey was driving. Suddenly, he hit a stranger with his truck. Farmer Bailey brought the man to his house to make sure he wasn't hurt.

The stranger didn't speak at all. He had strange clothes. He didn't know how to use buttons. He had never seen steam. The stranger worked hard, but he never sweat. After three weeks, the stranger still had not said a word.


Farmer Bailey noticed something odd about the weather. The seasons were not changing. The leaves on the trees had not changed from green to red and orange. The temperature had not gotten colder. Instead of changing to autumn, it was still summer around the farm.


The stranger knew that something was wrong. One day, he put on his old clothes and left the Bailey's house. As soon as the stranger left, the air got cold and the leaves changed colors.


Every autumn at the Bailey's house after the stranger's visit, a strange thing happens. The leaves change color overnight. In the morning, the Baileys find the words “See you next fall" written on their window.

The Stranger