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A Very Important Day


All over New York City families and friends were waking up early.  It was a very important day for all of them. When they looked outside they all saw the same thing: It was snowing!

For some people, like Veena from India and Kiki from Greece, it

was the first time they had seen snow. For others, like Lev from Russia

and Robert from Scotland, the snow reminded them of the countries

they had come from. But no matter where they had come from,

everyone had to get up that morning and travel downtown to do

something very important.


Some people took the subway to get downtown. Others rode the bus

or walked. One family even traveled on a kind of boat called a ferry.

Some people shoveled the snow while others played in it. And some

families ate a special breakfast before they went downtown, to

celebrate this very important day.


What was so important about this day? This was the day when all of

these people were going to become citizens of the United State of

America! They went to a courthouse downtown for the ceremony.

When they left, they were all U.S. citizens.

Theme: American Stories
Theme: American Stories
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